What Am I Working On Now

Last Edit: Oct 04, 2023

Ever get asked, “So what are you up to now?” Yea me too. So this page answers that question.

This page is inspired by Peter Sanchez Now page, which was inspired by Derek Sivers /now page movement.


  • I work full-time as a Sr. Python developer at Netlandish.
  • Started investing more time improving process on my farm.
  • Finish my app for improve the Taxi rate systems in Managua.
  • Start with my rice-growing company.
  • Help some friend on his career to become a developer.


  • Finish at least one cooking course this year.
  • Spend more time improving my VIM skills.
  • End this year with at least 5 books readed.
  • Buy a motorcycle and convert it to Cafe-Racer style.
  • I dabble with the Ukulele.
  • Work from three different countries.
  • I’m attempting to blog more often in 2018. I had a goal of blogging once a week in 2017, but I published roughly half of my goal.