Python developer building apps at Netlandish Inc.

Hello, I'm Oscar Cortez. A proud Pythonista & Djangonaut who enjoys make the things happen. I'm a graduated Software Engineer from Nicaragua, I make cool stuff & help others make really cool stuff.

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  • Essays

    My small piece in the history of the internet, things that I consider worthy of being shared.

  • About

    Know more about me, the things that I like and what I do.

  • Now

    What I'm doing in this exact moment in the history of the Earth.

  • Projects

    Some Open Source things that I have built over the years.

  • Talks

    An extension of my essays but in a more structured way.

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  • My Calendar

    If you're interested in talk with me, please, book a call.

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    The interactive version of my work history.

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    A place for random thoughts that don't quite belong on my blog.