Git Dir

With git 2.13 you get a feature called conditional includes This means that I can have git automatically apply the correct name and email address to my commits and I can keep my current source directory layout on my machine. Let's imagine that you have a folder structure like this

  | --- CompanyX
  |      | ---- ProjectA
  |      | ---- ProjectB
  |      | ---- ProjectC
  | --- CompanyZ
  |      | ---- ProjectD
  | --- OSS
  |      | ---- AwesomeOSS

So, now trying to get a diffent git config (user/email) for each project would be really hard and tired; here's when Git Dir comes to action:

1) Create a .gitconfig file in your Company folder (CompanyX for example)


2) Add your custom unique configs (user/email) for example

    name = Oscar
    email =

3) Then add this into your main .gitconfig file

[includeIf "gitdir:~/Code/CompanyX"]
    path = ~/Code/CompanyX/.gitconfig

This approach could be replicated to any number of patterns you choose. If you have specific accounts you use for client work you just add more entries to the conditional block.