Django-Places v1

Releasing the first stable version of Django Places, CodeName: Gingery Apple Sundaes. It's a simple app for store places with autocomplete support and a related map.


The main purpose of this app was, bring to the admin a simple way to store a Point with: Name, Latitude, and Longitude. The app uses the amazing GeoComplete lib by ubilabs. For install just run this in you project:

pip install dj-places


When you install Django-Places you have access to the following API:

>>> from myapp.models import ModelName
>>> poi = ModelName.objects.get(id=1)
>>> poi.position
Place('Metrocentro, Managua, Nicaragua', 52.522906, 13.41156)
'Metrocentro, Managua, Nicaragua'
>>> poi.position.latitude
>>> poi.position.longitude

If you want to learn more about it, just check the project in Github at oscarmcm/django-places